5349-silva-1Lucas Silva – Principal Investigator – Silva CV July 2018 (short)


Dr. Toby Maxwell. Postdoctoral Fellow studying climate-induced alterations of carbon and water cycles in montane forests.


Barbara Bomfim. PhD candidate studying interactions between land-use change and biogeochemical cycles in tropical systems.
Schyler Reis. PhD student investigating the effects of disturbance and climate on vegetation shifts across drylands of the Pacific Northwest.
Adriana Uscanga. PhD student specializing in landscape ecology with focus on human-environment interactions and sustainability of agroecosystems.


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Jamie Wright. PhD student investigating climatic and biogeochemical processes that influence the stability of forest-savanna boundaries.
Paulo Quadri. PhD candidate (UCSC Zavaleta‘s lab) working in collaboration with SPA Lab members to assess the impacts of rising CO2 and climate on alpine forests and how topography modulates these impacts.


Weicheng Wang. MS student interested in GIS and its applications in biogeography and ecology.
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Undergraduate Assistants
Alexia Gee (SPUR student).
Aaron LeFore (Honors College student).
Braden Prillwitz (Honors College student).
Tara Seely. MS Hydrology – UCDavis.
Barbara Wortham. MS Earth Sciences. Co-supervised with Corinne Wong – Boston College.
Laura Emberson. MS Soils & Biogeochemistry. Co-supervised with William Horwath – UCDavis.
Jennifer Morris. MS Soils & Biogeochemistry. Co-supervised with Will Horwath – UCDavis.
Toby Maxwell. PhD Environmental Chemistry. Co-supervised with Will Horwath – UCDavis.
Alveiro Salamanca-Jimenez. PhD Soils & Biogeochemistry. Co-supervised with Will Horwath – UCDavis.
Daniela Jerszurki. PhD Environmental Sciences. Co-supervised with Jorge Moretti – University of Curitiba.
Josenilton de Farias. PhD Forest Biology. Co-supervised with Beatriz Marimom – University of Mato Grosso.
Carbon and nutrient stock quantification at HJ Andrews



Experimental Analysis of Plant-Microbe “Communication”


Dendrochronology Team exploring eastern Oregon

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SPA “lab meeting” American river


Tree ring sampling in Tibet


Award-winning Wastewater Research crew


NSF Co-PI Corinne Wong sampling speleothems in Brazil